Weight Management

Learning to eat well, lose weight sustainably, and manage your weight effectively, is one of the most valuable things you’ll ever do to ensure your long-term health and wellbeing. With our expert one-to-one help, you’ll succeed in doing that – even if you’ve struggled with your weight before.

Today, we apply that world-class expertise to providing tailor-made, state-of-the-art support and treatment for anyone wanting to lose weight and live more healthily. We have particular expertise in the field of childhood obesity.

Weight Gain/ Loss

Weight management

Obesity is excess deposition of body fat to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health.

Are you constantly struggling with your weight?

Carrying excess weight can have serious health implications, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and cancer, as well as diabetes. But the good news is that losing even a small amount can make a big difference to your future health prospects. In fact, research shows that losing just 5 – 10% of total body weight can have significant benefits, leading to improvement in glycaemic control, a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Healthy weight loss consists of
Reducing surface fat
Reducing visceral fat
Improving your muscle mass & metabolic rate

Lifestyle Improvement Program

Our fitness classes are designed to motivate you, to inspire a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the journey! Choose your passion Grace Fitness Center offers a complete health and Wellness programme that is inviting, friendly and with something for all. Our healthy strategies aim to improve the well-being of everyone and also creates immense opportunities for Socializing.

Personalized Guidance

Personal Training is fun! It's nice to have someone who cares about you, motivates you and is your 'coach'! It's great to have someone pat you on your back; it's great to have someone looking out for your fitness and health.

Runner's Club

We provide Lifestyle analysis in which you get an evaluation of your body composition so that we can analyze where you stand and where you want to go.

Exercise Batches

Looking for flexibility, coordination, posture and stress relief in a workout? There’s a class for everyone, come find yours. Inspire your mind and transform your body with moving classes and workouts taught by instructors devoted to making it the very best hour of your day. Led by amazing instructors, our group fitness classes offer a community, energy, and motivation to create a transformative experience and deliver fitness results. Best of all, classes are included in your membership!